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MyUS: Good for repeat users or one-off shoppers who don't need the extra services

Premium offerings come at a premium price, but shipping is cheap and you can take advantage of the free 3 months.

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By Nick Beeny, July, 2024.

Our Scores & Opinion for MyUS


The scores are calculated out of 5.0, higher is better and lower scores are worse. Scores are designed to give you a general overview of the package forwarders services, costs and fees. Actual costs and fees may vary for your particular personal circumstances. These should be used as a guide only.

MyUS Shipping Score

Scores for shipping costs and service options to your country:

From the USA: 4.0
From the UK: 3.0

Our shipping score is calculated by comparing shipping costs across 10 of the most popular destinations and the amount of shipping options. A higer score, out of 5, is better. Where the forwarder has locations in more than one country, we have listed different scores calculated by analysing the shipping costs and options from that location.

MyUS Fee Score

The fee score: 4.2

The fee score takes into account the extra fees that are charged for things like membership fees and extra services like parcel consolidation and repackaging.

Our Opinion

The following is our review of the services offered by MyUS

Pros and Cons


  • Big and well established, with UK and US addresses
  • Shipping rates are competitive
  • Shipping rates calculated by weight not dimensional weight. MyUS TruePrice
  • US tax-free shopping


    TruePrice not available in the UK
  • Some services only available to Premium Members

Fees & Costs Details

Registration fee: $0
Membership fee: Basic free, premium $9.99 per month or $60 per year
Tax free?: Yes, tax free zip-code
Locations: Florida, USA. UK
Processing fee: No
Consolidation fee: Premium plan only
Repackaing fee: Premium plan only
Storage: Premium plan only
Photos: Premium plan only
Customs declarations: Yes, can make payment in advance
Insurance: $2.99 per $100, optional
Live chat support: Yes
Shipping calculator:



MyUS is based in Sarasota, Florida, with a UK based warehouse. They offer competitive shipping rates but most extra services are only available to Premium members which costs $9.99 a month, although a three month trial is available.

Sign-up process

Upon signing up to MyUS, you are offered 3 tiers.

  • Single package: This does not allow you to take advantage of consolidation or repackaging
  • Premium: This is the highlighted option and is free for 3 months, afterwards it will cost $9.99 per month. This option is good if you are shipping mulltiple packages and require repackaging etc.
  • Business: for a high volumeof shipments. It costs $10 a month


Services offered are limited by which membership tier you choose. Most are competitively priced and include all the services you would hope for; storage, photos etc.

Shipping and delivery

Whilst MyUS has good shipping prices, they are a bit more limited thatn the others in range of options, the choice of shipping services is a bit more limited. The usual shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL and UPS are available as well as local couriers in some locations

Customer support

You can leave a Whats-app message, phone or leave a text message. There is no live chat support like some forwarders


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