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I built this website as part of another project commenced in about 2013. I believe and hope that some people may find this useful.

If you wish to get in touch I am on Twitter.

I am very happy to hear suggestions and feedback. If you own a package forwarding company and you wish to have it included here or advertise, please get in touch.


This website is a guide to using Package Forwarders. Those shipping companies that will forward your shopping from one country to another.

All prices and costs are indicative only and are correct to the best of my knowledge. Actual costs are prices may differ if you visit the package forwarders website, they are subject to change without my knowledge.

I have taken the prices, costs and service information from the package forwarders websites and update them regularly.

I will not be held liable for any differences in costs and prices you may encounter.


I value your privacy.

I collect email addresses for the purposes of an email newsletter, I will not sell or pass your personal information on to any third party.

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